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SSC - Staff Selection Commission is a central government job recruitment body which conducts various exams to ful-fill vacant posts under central government jobs. SSC conducts job recruitment exams such as- SSC CGL ( Combined Graduate Level ), SSC CHSL ( Combined Higher Secondary Level ) - recruit ldc (lower division clerk ), deo (data entry operator , tax assistant, stenographer , various office staff, income tax officer, auditor etc.
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SSC conducted CHSL exam today on 27th of october 2013 in two shifts. This exam of ssc ldc recruitment consists of four parts :-

> General Intelligence
> English

> Quantitative Aptitude
> General Awareness

In the section of general intelligence there were questions based on reasoning problem, syllogism, words arrangement, number system etc.  Some questions of general awareness section are given below:-

Question 1-
The opportunity cost of a factor of production is
(A) what ti earns in its present use
(B) what it can earn in the long period
(C) what it can earn in some other use
(D) the cost of production

Question 2-
The demand for a product which is wanted for itself is known as
(A)Derived Demand
(B) industry Demand
(C) Company Demand
(D) Direct or Autonomous Demand

Question- 3
The Parliamentary form of Government in India has been adopted from the
(A) American Consitution
(B) Russian Consitution
(C) British Consitution
(D) Swiss Consitution

Question- 4
Which of these are essentials of democratic system ?
(A) Free and fair elections
(B) Equality of opportunity
(C) Protection of rights
(D) All of the above

Question- 5
"Value added" is equal to
(A) Output minus input
(B) Manufacturing profit
(C) Gross profit
(D) Capital gain

Question- 6
Value of a commodity expressed in terms of money is called ?
(A) Price
(B) Demand
(C) Utility
(D) Money value

Question- 7
Selling cost is an element of
(A) Monopolistic Competition
(B) Perfect Competition
(C) Pure Competition
(D) Monopoly

Question- 8
Which ancient Indian kingdom is wrongly matched below with its capital ?
(A) Maurya - Patalipura
(B) Pandya- Madurai
(C) Pallava - Vellore
(D) Kakatiya- Warangal

Question- 9
Which were the two dynasties , which ruled immediately before and after Khiljis ?
(A) Slave and Lodi
(B) Saiyyad and Lodi
(C) Slave and Tughlaq
(D) Tughlaq and Lodi

Question- 10
Who among the following did not participate in the 1857 Revolt against the British ?
(A) Tantia Tope
(B) Tipu Sultan
(C) Rani Lakshmi Bai
(D) Nana Saheb

Question- 11
Which Amendment Act is referred as mini constitution ?
(A) 7th Constitutional Amendment Act  1956
(B) 24th Constitutional Amendment Act 1971
(C) 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 1976
(D) 44th Constitutional Amendment Act 1978

Question- 12
Which article of the Indian contitution stipulates that Directive Priinciples of State Policyn shall not be enforceable by any court ?
(A) Article 31
(B) Article  38
(C) Article 37
(D) Article  39

Question- 13
Which one of the following languages is not specified in Schedule 8 of the Indian Constitution ?
(A) Sanskrit
(B) Sindhi
(C) Nepali
(D) English

Read full paper- Download ssc ldc -SSC CHSI exam paper held on 27th october 2013.

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